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The Services CRUISES – EVENTS – FISHING TUORISM AND RENTAL; To all of the Clients and Passengers that buy the services named CRUISES – EVENTS – FISHING TUORISM and RENTAL will be applicable the following terms and conditions of the excursions
1. - PROVIDER 1.1 Transport services CRUISES – EVENTS – FISHING TUORISM AND RENTAL are provided by Enea Service srl with the admin. Office str. Nuova n. 30 - 24060 Tavernola Bergamasca (Bergamo) and the Headquarters in Località Brasolo n. 1 – 88841 Le Castella (KR) VAT nr. 03952200164
Contact details:
phone +39.0962.795060 +39. 339.1119339 +39.393.0749742 fax +39.0962.795060

2.1 The General Terms and Conditions of services providing indicated in the present document, mat be updated or modified in any time bt the Provider. The respective Message shall be promptly published on the web site.
2.2 The Present Conditions that regulate the fulfillment of the services named CRUISES – EVENTS – FISHING TUORISM AND RENTAL should be studied online by the Client and Passenger who shall also confirm its fully understanding and acceptance. The General Terms and Conditions are also available on the moto-ship in possession of the Society.
2.3 The Present Generals Condition are written in Italian, English and Russian languages. 3. – THE SERVICES
3.1 CRUISES – EVENTS – FISHING TUORISM AND RENTAL, is a service of Passengers transportation. 3.2 It is a seasonal Service carried out in the period May – September, daily, including the public holidays and weekends, follow the seasonal program consulting our web site
3.3 The described service provides excursions organized in AMP in the cape of Rizzuto. The excursions proved: a sea cruise and stops for swimming. All the activities, even though not obligatory as per the excursion program, depend on weather conditions, that are considered acceptable on not for an excursion by the Captain of the ship. In case the services could not be provided for the reason of force-major or technical and operative conditions of ENEA SERVICE , the refund claims shall be rejected.
3.4 The services offered are executed with by the means ENEA SERVICE fleet, that is composed of appropriate and highly equipped modern ships. Each one is regularly a subject to technical routine examination, and certified by the RiNA certification.

4.1 The ticket can be purchased online on the web site, as well as on board of the moto-ship, at the information points, at the hosting facilities, Travel Agencies, as well as from the Tour-Operators.
4.2 Online purchasing is a subject to booking acceptance.
4.3 By booking a service, a Client declares to be an adult and to make sure that all the provided personal data are true, correct and complete.
4.4 The ticket is nominative and non-transferable to another person without a preliminary approval and authorization issued by the ENEA SERVICE. The ticket is valid only for the type of transportation specified on it.
4.5 The ticket purchase is a proof of a full acceptance by the Passenger of the Terms and General Conditions of services provided here described.
4.6 By purchasing online e ticket for the services, a Client obtains the right of full access to the services of the ordered excursion upon the fulfillment of complete payment for that. In case a ticked has been purchased at the Agencies of other related Hosting Facilities, a Passenger is obliged to present the voucher of purchase issued by the seller respectively.
4.7 The services can be purchased online at least 24 hours prior the ship departure.
4.8 In case the seats are available, the Passenger may book the ticket after the time indicated in clause 4.7 elapses. In such cases, a Passenger must contact the provider by the following phone nrs. +39.393.0749742 - +39.339.1119339 – +39.0962.795060

5.1 The prices applied refer to the specific services provided. The price includes the transfer by sea, assistance and hosting services, and the services offered on board as per the chosen type of a single CRUISE.
5.2 The regional taxes and local fees are not included into the price at the moment of service provision.
5.3 The valid prices are applied and referred only to the specific single CRUISE.
5.4 The applied tariffs and prices are referred to one excursion for one Passenger.
  • For children under 4 y.o. the service is free of charge; shall be charged thought eventual taxes and local fees (see cl. 5.2). The presence of newborn babies must be specified at the moment of booking.
  • For children aged 4 - 12 y.o. shall be applicable a discount price , shall be charged taxes and local fees (see cl. 5.2). Please see the detailed information on site
5.5 Enea Service has the right to carry put periodically the promotional actions for the online sales of a single specific service. The mode of selling shall be specified in the description attached to a specific single promotion.

6.1 The excursions ordered is nominative and non- transferable to a another person, therefore is not possible to change a service beneficiary's name on a ticket (unless different is authorized by the issuing company, as any other variation) .
6.2 The date of the service may vary but only in case a timely announcement or notification has been done by the Client within max. 48 hours prior to the excursion beginning. And anyway the request shall depend on the availability and is a subject to a Provider's approval.
6.3 In case the Client rejects / refuses the ordered trip, no refund shall be given ( can be agreed only in some cases accordance to the legislation in force) . The related cancellation must be announced to the Provider within 72 hours prior the departre time, otherwise a refund claim shall be rejected;
6.3.1 In all the cases the services Provider shall refund 50 % of the costs, funds obtained for the booked service, other 50 % are reserved to cover the Provider’s losses caused by the cancellations and relative actions.
6.3.2 The services booked on promotional basis and with discounts that occasionally are introduced by various sales structures, are in no case refundable by the Provider, with the exception of cases indicated in cl. 6.4 of the present document.
6.3.3 No refund shall be given for services cancelled out of the time period indicated above;
6.3.4 Possible requests or changes and or refund requests, made by those who purchase the services from the intermediate structures and agencies shall be applied directly to the intermediates related;
6.4 Provider and the Captain reserve the right to cancel a trip in any moment and time before the conditions of dtd. 27/12/1977 go in force, with no other obligation but that to refund the amounts transferred by the Client. The Company has the right to change the schedule and timetable of the trips and routes giving no pre-advise due to the bad weather conditions, intensive port traffic and/or transporter’s demand for security reasons.

7.1 A Passenger that completed the booking online procedure, should print with his own means the booking confirmation, to be presented at the boarding to the staff in charge.
7.2 In case a ticket purchase at the ticket desks, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, and other relative Hosting Facilities, a Passenger shall be given a copy of documents confirming the ticket purchase that shall give a right to be accepted on board for a trip.
7.3 ENEA bears no liability for possible errors and mistakes made in the booking documents ( ticket o voucher), that report wrong data inserted in the online reservation. The Provider shall reject to refund losses for the missed service due to such mistakes and errors in providing the personal data for booking and ticket purchase.
7.4 ENEA shall bear partial liability for the bookings accepted in the ticket desks of their own. In any case it is fully a Passenger’s care and responsibility to check the data indicated in the booking.
7.5 All possible disputes cause by the registration of wrong incorrect personal data, must be presented directly to the relative structures (Hosting Facilities, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators) .

8.1 The service is provided by the company da ENEA SERVICE. The Passengers must carefully read all terms, conditions and instructions before accepting them.
8.2 Upon the receipt of the logistic instruction, on the date of the CRUISE, a Passenger is obliged:
  • to be present for boarding at least fifteen minutes prior to the actual departure time.
  • in case the Passenger fails to board the cruise ship at the fixed time and place, no refund shall be entitled for suffered losses.
  • all the timetables and schedules shall confirmed on board of the ship by the Captain with the means of a loudspeaker or with the help of the trip assistants on board. In case a Passenger has questions or needs any information it is necessary to apply directly to the Captain or the crew members.
  • ENEA has the right to change a trip program or / and itinerary due to the bad weather conditions, force-major circumstances or technical and operative requirements.
9.1 For each kind of assistance, for further information about the transport procedure for handicaps Passengers, Passengers in a wheelchair, or with any other kind of a difficulty. Before you complete the booking you are required to contact the ENEA Customer Service.
The preliminary communication of possible extra requirements , related to the Passengers with handicaps and possible difficulties, shall let you enjoy more comfort and better services will be provided.

10.1 It is strictly forbidden to bring on board prohibited substances and objects of any kind. The offender shall be officially reported and passed to the local Authorities.
10.4 Once on board, the Passengers are fully responsible for their baggage/luggage as well as for their contents.

11.1 Pets and animals are not allowed on board, unless the Captain of the moto-ship or the ship crew gives its authorization.
11.2 The transportation of “small and medium sized” dogs may be allowed only in case the Captain’s positive consideration or the crew's authorization.

12.1 Possible complaints may be made in written form, and sent by e-mail to the following e-mail address within 2 days after the service has been provided.
12.2 For the issues here not described clearly and fully will be applicable the National Italian Legislation and the marine Navigation Codex.
12.3 In case any dispute occurs between the Passenger and the company ENEA, it shall be solved only in the Court of Bergamo (BG), Italy.
13.1 All the contents of the present website , including the text, graphics, logo, pictures and software is of the di ENEA SERVICE SRL propriety and are all the rights are protected by the appropriate Copyright Law.

14.1 LA PERLA DELLO IONIO is a reported registered trade mark.
ENEA SERVICE SRL, in written form and for a limited period of time may grant the right to use the trade mark for the promotional purposes only.
The authorized party that will use the mark shall be obliged to follow strictly the instruction for use of the mark provided by ENEA SERVICE. In case of the violation of the rules applied for use of the mark ENEA SERVICE has the right to file a claim and suit legally the responsible party for the financial and other losses and damages caused by such inappropriate use.


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