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Treatment of personal data


Enea Service s.n.c. (here and after referred as the Society) by means of the website (here and after referred as web-domain) has the purpose to protect the privacy rights of their Clients and Users. Thus, will do everything possible in order to guarantee the legal treatment of personal data and its proper fulfillment that meets all the rights and fundamental freedoms as well as respect the dignity of individuals, referring in particular mode to the discretion of the persons’ identity. Executing our services, we will necessarily enter in possession of various information and personal data: thus, hereby we intend to demonstrate you the purposes and modes of the data treatment to us provided in accordance to the Italian Legislative Decree No 196.

Source, nature of the data and purpose of treatment
Purpose of the treatment: the treatment of the collected data. The Society with the means of web-domain will collect information and personal data in various sections of its website. In particular, the web-domain will require inserting such data like name, surname, e-mail address, phone number and profession that are necessary to enable the access to the services offered by this site. Further to this, we may also require other personal information in order to keep you updated with new services offered by the web-domain that may interest you or in order to communicate you any changes that were introduced into the activity of our website. Further to this may be required the data concerning your hobbies and your opinions since that will allow us to improve our services , the web-domain may use this data with statistical purposes or with the porpuse of marketing and other researches that will help up to understand better the requirements and expectations of our clients thus offer better services. Please note that in such researches and marketing studies the personal data will be used only in global generalized and confidential mode.

Subjects to whom data may be communicated
The Society will render through the web –domain available to the third parties the personal data collected only with the purposes connected strictly to the services offered on the website and inserted only in accordance to the legislation. We inform you thus, in order to carry out our activity, always determined by the services offered, may make it necessary to transfer your personal data to various states (including U.S.A.) and the group enterprise, and the users registered on our web site. The Society will have the right to reveal to its business partners the data related to the access to various areas of the site and their usage by the users of the site as well as global users. Personal data referred to this treatment will be communicated to employees/collaborators who are appointed as People in charge and/or Responsible. The personal data can be communicated to other companies and concessionaires, accounting structures, in order to fulfill the contractual obligations, as well as the banks for payments transfers and handling as per the contract. We also inform you that the web –domain will be available through other general internet portals on which a link to our web site is present, thus your personal data may be available also to other companies, individuals and subjects.

The data of the users: purposes
The personal data of the users of the services provided by the Society will be treated in order to offer the services listed on the web site (e.g. opens the access to the data base of curricula) and specified in the contract that shall be concluded between the parties. The data will be treated in order to fulfill the contractual obligation that regulates these services, and in order to fulfill the administrative activities as well as fiscal and financial as per the obligations applied by the legislation and rules. The treatment of data shall be carried out with both manual and automatic means, the conferment of which is obligatory and the refusal to provide them will not allow to fulfill the services offered by us. Your personal data will not be spread but can become available to the employees of the Society that will contact you in order to fulfill the contract obligations as well as to carry out all the necessary financial and accounting operations. You may apply to the below indicated laws.

Site rating
The Society with the means of the web-domain will make it available for the users to access the areas of the site in which are inserted the comments and opinions about the services offered by the web-domain. The valuations and the relative information may be used by the web-domain with the aim of marketing in order to improve the site and to contact you to obtain further information and comments referring the offered services.

The owner of data treatment
The owner of the personal data for treatment is Enea Service s.n.c. with the administrative office in Brasolo, 1 -88841, Le Castella, Isola di Capo Rizzuto (KR) represented by Mrs Balducchi Ermelinda the unique administrator and the founder of the society.

The minors
The web-domain offers various opportunities of adopted reflection for the minors, too. For this purpose to register an account on the web site, the minors as well must provide their personal data. The Society through its web-domain will be able to treat the personal data of the minors, and thus accept the registration only in case a parent or a tutor have expressed their consent for the minor to register an account on this web site. In case the parent or tutor wishes to reject an access to the minor to the web-domain, he may use the soft available in free sale to avoid that it occurs and to control or supervise the access to internet or to certain web pages and various sites. In case the minor wishes to get the access to the services offered on the web site, it is advisable that a parent or a tutor assists and guides the minor through the whole process of registration and exploring of this web-domain.

Amendments to the Policy of Privacy
Shall the Society modify or amend the present document; we will immediately update the Privacy Policy section. In any case we remain totally at your services for any further information and questions in regards of the Privacy Policy on our web -domain; We are asking you thus to send us your questions and comments to the following e-mail:

Personal data Security
All the personal data that are subject to treatment will be preserved and guarded to reduce minimize using security means. The risks of its lost, destruction or inappropriate use, spread, unauthorized access or inappropriate treatment, that does not meet the above mentioned

The rights as per the Art. 7 of Italian Legislation 196/03
The interested individual has the right to require and obtain the confirmation and assistance ref. his/her personal data, even if has not yet been registered and has the right to obtain them in legible and clear form. The interested person has the right to obtain: a) the original of the personal data; b) the purposes and means of treatment c) the logic applied during the treatment of personal data as well as the soft and electronic means used; d) the owner’s ID details, as well as of the persons in charge of this procedure, in accordance to the Article 5,2; e) the persons and the category of subjects that come in possession of the personal data or may come in possession of those, the country that they represent, the responsible parties and individuals.

The interested person has the right to obtain:
a) the update , the amendments, any time you are interested, and appliance of the data; b) the deleting of them, their transformation in an anonymous form or the blockage of the data treated with in an illegal way, including those data that were not the subject to obligatory conservation and treatment for the purposes they were collected as indicated; c) confirmations of the procedures descripted in letters a) and b) that were discovered, including their content, to those who got in possession of this data ,excluding the cases in which the procedure is impossible or makes necessary use application of means, violating the protected rights.

The interested person has the right to apply partially or fully:
a) for the legal reasons for his/her personal data treatment even referred to the purposes of collection; b) ref. The data treatment related to the marketing and promotional materials or direct sale or commercial and marketing reasons.

It is not necessary to ask a permission of individuals to take picture or register videos used on the website of the Society ENEA SERVICE SRL as this occurs openly and in public places. In those cases when the privacy must be protected, an interested person may declare and inform the Captain and the crew of his will not to be registered or presented in any way in video o photo materials during the services thus this individual will be alerted and kept away from such services and actions.
Your acceptance to get treated your general personal data with the aim strictly related to the services provided by the Society that were required from you, are not necessary to be inserted into the data base for registration at the web-domain.

On the contrary, your consent is required in case the registration on the web-domain collects your sensitive personal data to be inserted into the data base. Thus in case the registration data contains the sensitive personal data it is necessary to obtain from your side the written authorization and to be sent for Enea Service s.n.c., n località Brasolo, 1 -88841, Le Castella, Isola di Capo Rizzuto (KR), using the following text message:

The below mentioned ______________, have read and fully understood the information ref. to the Art.. 13 of Italian Legislation 196/03, indicated in the privacy policy of the website, authorize Enea Service s.n.c. to treat and communicate to its users the sensitive personal data indicated on the website with the purposes as per the policy privacy.


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