ENEA Service is a travel agency that promotes mostly the tourism in our magnificent beautiful region. Our business was established with the aim to represent our Calabria, the land, rich of culture and breath taking beauty.
The rocks of the costs are washed by the clear blue sea, the seabed is rich of various fishes and sea plants of posidonia - which is the most important plant for the sea ecological system- and there are the beaches of fine white sand are surrounded by the chain of the Sila mountains, covered with forests, there are natural parks rich of local magnificent fauna, definitely worth to visit . In some hidden places you will come across stunning waterfalls and canyons that attract more and more tourists with their beauty.
Beyond the natural beauty of this land you will enjoy the beauty of ascent architecture that enchant everyone who pass unforgettable days here in the midst of story and culture of this region.
And the final but also important thing the rich and abundant menu' that we offer, based on meat and fresh fish dishes, with the home made Italian pasta served with the sauces at your choice, mostly based on the famous Hot Calabrese Pepper.


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